About me

IMG_4466   Titilola is a Legal practitioner ,called to the Nigerian Bar in 2012. She studied Law in the University of Lagos and emerged with an astounding performance…..lol. OK enough of this grandiose introduction. Of course I am a lawyer but I do not go to court. Sometimes I wish I practiced other times I am grateful I did not. Anyways I recently turned a blogger. Yup Titi is a blogger…out of boredom?  Naaa. I kinda  needed a platform to download my thoughts and stories.

DISCLAIMER: This blog was not set up for any financial reward….I repeat it was not set up for any monetary interest…Trust me I could not even say… err… type that with a straight face….. err fingers. What more? I am friendly, God fearing, Christian, troublesome, too playful, and yes I am Female.

Now go read and comment .

Love you all. Thanks.


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