I sat in the front seat, enjoying the evening breeze. The Car AC was bad, so I really had no choice. I glanced briefly at my boyfriend and smiled. He always made me smile. He was chatting away, saying something about one of his friends. He had come to pick me from work. Ahh. I loved days like this. When I didn’t have to hustle for a bus back home. We approached Adekunle bustop and joined the traffic building up. I called out to a steet hawker. “Oga gimme coke abeg, babe do you want one?” “Na””Oga … I want th…” I stopped mid sentence as someone yanked my wig off my head and ran in the opposite direction.

“Ole, ole”, I screamed as I opened the car door, running after him, my boyfriend behind me, screaming “Lola! Stop! .
I wasn’t going to stop till I caught the culprit. I had saved my salary for two months to buy that wig. I wasn’t going to lose it. 

The thief, probably surprised I ran after him, dropped my wig and ran away. 

I slowed my pace, got to the wig, picked it up, dusted it and wore it. “Lola!, are you crazy, you could have been shot”, My boyfriend, few feets away was shouting at me. “I’m sorry” I said sheepishly. Not sorry at all. “It would have been worth it tho”
He just stared at me in utter amazement as we made our way back to the car, wig in hand, a couple of people snapping away at us. “I hope we don’t make it to Instablog Naija, did you see people recording you” “I don’t care”, I said, “I have my wig”.


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