Sade please I’m never letting you go ever again. Please forgive me.
He fell on his knees right there in the middle of the mall begging me to take him back. His date looking flabbergasted.
Oh man. People were beginning to take pictures.

Farooq was totally unaware, continued to plead.
I quickly removed my jacket and covered his head.

Stand up joor, people are taking pictures o.
He got up and I joined him under my jacket, our faces covered and then we burst out laughing. 

Omg Far, you are such a piece of work! He kissed me under my jacket and my heart missed a beat. It always did for him. He was my weakness and he didn’t even know it. I’m sorry Sade, he whispered. I love you so much. 

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. Far was so unpredictable, one minute he’s here, the next he’s not. 

People had gathered by now, we could hear whispers and I saw people’s feet from under the cover of my jacket.

We tried to figure out the exit and holding hands we walked towards it, totally blind. 

This was ridiculous. 

I could hear the cameras clicking away and the excited voices of people nearby. We would definitely be on instablognaija soon. Let’s make a dash for it, I whispered. Okay, he said just as he stole a kiss. 

One, Two, Now! I removed the jacked and we took to our heels admist cheers of onlookers . 

It was alway fun with Far. Never ever a dull moment.

But at what cost? 
Out of breathe, we made it to his car laughing. He stopped suddenly, hugged me and whispered.. I missed you.

I missed him terribly but I wasn’t going to say anything.

What are you doing here anyways? 
Good question I thought, trying to pull myself together. 


I had a date. I checked the time. Damn! I was late. 

Sorry Far, I have to go, I have a date.

You have a what? Babe, it’s been two weeks, what do you mean you have a date? 
Excuse me? It’s not like you came here alone either…speaking of which, where is your date? I asked 

Muffled laughter. His eyes were twinkling. 

I guess there was no space under your jacket for her when we ran off.

Far!!!, I screamed, you just left the poor girl in there?

She’ll take Uber home. 
He made a call but she apparently hung up on him while he was trying to explain.

Goodbye Far. I said, reluctant to leave him.
If you go back in, I’m coming with you and sitting in on your date.


Sade! he said, mimicking me

C’mon, just call to say a car hit you on your way down or just tell him the truth, tell him you with the love of your life.
I hate you, I said, sliding into the passengers seat as he held the door open.
I love you too baby. He kissed me again.

What was I gonna do with this boy and this roller coaster called our relationship.

Babe, you won’t believe what happened last week. Gosh, been dying to tell you, remember that shirt I told you Momsi bought ….. Just like that we were back together, laughing, gisting, the fight from two weeks ago completely forgotten.


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