2nd Most Embarrassing Day!




Please don’t ask what the first is.

My chest is still paining me from that experience

So I have never been a very social person. I struggle with it. I hate meeting new people, especially if it’s a physical meeting.  I call it Peoplephobia. I really love to hide behind my phone screen and remain as mysterious as I can. Most times I feel like a meeting would jinx things. I’ve had issues at work and school because of this.  But I think I’m beginning to get the hang of socializing.
Well kinda.
I would still prefer to hang with people i am very familiar with.
The other day I was having lunch with a girlfriend and a guy came and asked if he could join us. I wanted to say “No” it was at the tip of my  tongue sef, before my big headed friend said “Sure”. I sighed in resignation. Now I had to endure forced convos, eat properly and be polite. Argh. But at the end of the day it turned out well and was quite enlightening. But still I don’t look forward to meeting  new people.
I’m drifting. Lol.
This story is supposed to be about my second most embarrassing experience.
Ok so I hate socializing as much as  I  hate public speaking.  But as luck would have it I was nominated assistant group leader in Law School, no thanks to Ganiat Lawal (enjoy your ten seconds of fame love *wink*). So my group had this presentation and for so long I had succeeded in escaping presenting for the group. I rejected the role vehemently. I would come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid presenting. I wasn’t so lucky on this day. I can’t remember how it happened but I was chosen alongside a couple other people to present to a class of almost a thousand students. I was sure I would faint just staring into the sea of faces.
So fast forward to presentation day, I was up on stage with my note and then I started talking making references to cases and all feeling like i had actually gotten the hang of it. Then I quoted a case. Can’t remember which but an example is ” Wale Olawale V UBA & Anor.”
So “Anor” in law means “Another”.
I had no idea, please don’t judge me.
 I was never curious enough to ask. I had an idea what it meant, I just didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to pronounce it as it was written.
That’s how I said “ In the case of Wale Olawale V UBA and anor”.
 Laughter !
 The ridiculous part was I still repeated same thing about three times because I didn’t even know why they were laughing.
I lost composure after that but still managed to finish well.
As I approached my group, and proceeded to my seat I heard Ganiat and others laughing and calling me “Lola Anor”
They still call me that till date.

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