How do we separate religion from Culture. Can we actually separate the two or there’s been a diffusion somewhere? Has Culture influenced religion or religion influenced our Culture. Is smoking a moral issue? Abi health issue? Drinking nko? A colleague once told me he “hates” smokers. Said he wouldn’t allow his sister marry a man that smokes. Okay. So I asked, what if he is well behaved and has all the qualities of a husband material but he smokes, does that automatically qualify him as a bad person? Why do you hate smokers? He couldn’t answer. The wife beater and murderer that doesn’t smoke nko? 
So I was at a public gathering recently, sitting with a number of old folks. A well dressed young man with plaited hair walked past us. If looks could kill the young man would have died several times over. Their disapproval was almost palpable. According to Culture, this young man is tagged irresponsible… because he had corn rows…you probably want to check what that means again. I was on the bus one time and a guy preaching said you’ll go to hell if you smoke, drink, party or you are doing boyfriend and girlfriend? Is that true? Does the Church teach prosperity? If they do why are there still so many poor people in church? Or they only preach spirituality? Is Christianity or Islam a religion? Or a way of life …a lifestyle? Should being a Christian be cool? Like cool cool..or boring or better still drab. Is that what God wants. Must you look terrible because you are serving God? Why do you frown at people who look good in church? Their offence is that they look good. Will I miss heaven if I don’t observe church protocols… no earrings, long skirt, skin all covered… hmmm… is that my ticket to heaven or what lies beneath. 
If I sleep with my bible or Quran open and place it on my pillow… will all the witches and wizards die once they see the bible? So what is God now doing? Is he sleeping too? Or maybe he put the bible in charge…hmmm…
Is religion or culture helping me to be a better person? Am I self driven? Motivated and active? Or I just prefer to sit in church and wait for something to happen. Okayyyy… 
mama said I must not use the internet because it will corrupt me. 
Why do people frown when I do something different though? I told my pastor I wanted to start a business, he said It won’t work, many have tried and failed. Bring the money to church, God will multiply it. 
“The Holy book says…….”…….”It is our Culture you can’t change it” I’ve heard this too many times. So many do’s and don’t from religion and culture. 
How do I break free?!
These are my thoughts tonight as I struggle to find sleep…
Please forgive any grammatical error…


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